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FlushTV.com for some Non-Vloggercon-Attendee Blues

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Not going to Vloggercon because you have two weddings to attend, like me? Uff da. Well here's something to cheer us up: a new video podcast about plumbers, called FlushTV. Check it out, subscribe, and enjoy! (The above video is an interview with creator Jennifer Katz.

Vlog Digest with Clark Saturn: Lingual Tip

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VlogDigest with Clark Saturn: This time we take a look at a few videoblogs/ podcasts from which you can learn some language skills! Perhaps one of the biggest possibilities for this technology is the expansion and spreading of knowledge, not just entertainment?

Show links: 

FrenchPodClass.com with Sebastien
MyGermanClass.com (teledeutsch.blogspot.com)
Learn Japanese! japanese.libsyn.com
MccTV: Mayan Calendar TV

Tschüs! Sayonara! Au revoir!

Vlog Digest: March 03 2006: Dancing

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VlogDigest with Clark Saturn... as shown on WCBSTV.com, along with Ryanne Hodson and Blip.TV

Today we explore the world of dance in videoblogs/podcasts with the following sites found on MeFeedia.com videoblog directory:

sys-org.net's Video Sketchbook for their Sys-Org Dance Collective, featuring "Suspension" video and here's their feed.

Modern French Jive over at dancenorthwest.blogspot.com featuring their Octel club Freestyle video, and here's their feed.

TapDownTheState.blogspot.com is anarchy, improv and tap dance! We feature their "Playground Invasion" video and here's their feed.

And last but certainly not least, DailyDancer.com, featuring the "I like to Move it" video, and here's their feed.


Vlog Digest 10 Feb 06: Kids!

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VlogDigest is finally back from black sabbatical vacation rehabilitation and detoxification. Well I liked the sound of that anyway. And this time we take a look at three kid-friendly vlogs! Mom's Brag Vlog has some nice new videos since they moved. KityKity gets her Vlogger t-shirt, but oops! look what happened! A great moment. And a fairly new one on the scene, made by kids, The digiKID explores Sony's PSP, stop frame animation of the Star Wars ilk and other stuff kids will love! Check them out or subscribe to their feeds:

Mom's Brag Vlog Feed
KityKity Feed
the digiKID feed


ZipZapZop.com: Carp Caviar 1

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BottomUnion.com is having Carp Caviar Promo month, and Bottom Union rocks, so I thought I'd toss something together... it kind of is in step with my bathroom humor month... or year or decade or life or whatever. This features audio from a friend in college, Ferris Buehler we called him, who was like a zen master of the belch. It was so hysterical i had to record it on cassette, and luckily I still had the recording.

VlogDigest: Node101 Launch

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Today in VlogDigest, our guide Clark Saturn informs about Node101, the NYC node 101 launch party on Sunday, new features are happening at Blip.TV and a ton of newness at MeFeedia.com.
Here's a feed so you can subscribe to VlogDigest if you like.


Vlog Digest 01 Nov 05

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Today in VlogDigest, our guide Clark Saturn takes us behind the scenes to Ryanne Hodson's sister, Ashe at courtesycommon.blogspot.com where we get a glimpse of her doing work for school. We visit scratchvideo.tv for some artistic meditation on quantum matter. (I forgot to mention that Scratch seems to be a collaborative effort from several vloggers.) We visit a brand newbie, firefoxvlog.blogspot.com and in honor of REMIX MONTH, we visit Josh Leo for some Magic Monkey Bob remixing action. (Here's the original). Enjoy and keep on vlogging!

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