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Vlog Digest with Clark Saturn: Lingual Tip

Watch the video

VlogDigest with Clark Saturn: This time we take a look at a few videoblogs/ podcasts from which you can learn some language skills! Perhaps one of the biggest possibilities for this technology is the expansion and spreading of knowledge, not just entertainment?

Show links: 

FrenchPodClass.com with Sebastien
MyGermanClass.com (teledeutsch.blogspot.com)
Learn Japanese! japanese.libsyn.com
MccTV: Mayan Calendar TV

Tschüs! Sayonara! Au revoir!

hey Clark,
Thanks a lot.
Seems nice - but there is no sound!
Any tips ?
Hi Sebastien,
A common problem for people on a PC?
Are you using the Flash version:


or the Quicktime version:


It works on the Mac ok! Do you have the latest quicktime installed? I think someone else said it worked with Quicktime but not Flash on a PC...

works fine - Great video,like the style!. thanks for mentioning me.

A la prochaine,
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