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VlogDigest: 21 October 2005

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Today in VlogDigest, our guide Clark Saturn (me) takes us behind the scenes to the vlogger that inspired Jesse of Agent Xenon (according to his interview on ippTeeVee podcast episode 2) to start vlogging: Des at CreativelyImpulsive.com. Check out her great post about her nice new feed. We then skip and hop over to Denmark for a new vlog, rart.blogspot.com. If my Norwegian serves me correctly, 'rart' means something a bit like strange. And if you like artsy lo-fi pixely short conceptual videos like I do, here's the feed. Finally we check out veteran VlogMeister Bre Pettis over at IMakeThings as he interviews Greg Narain about "Beercasting" Have a great weekend!

wa hoo! Thanks dude. Thanks a lot for screwing up my address!!! HA! I'm only kidding. You're way too kind to have featured my silliness. I can't even play guitar.
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