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VlogDigest: O7 October 2005

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VlogDigest: Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded live from New York City.
This week on Vlog Digest we take a look at:

Agent Xenon (agtxenon.blogspot.com) is great. I found them via Freevlog's New Vlog feed. Agent Xenon has a feed, but it's not working for me in fireANT, but here it is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/AgtXenon Check it out!

Next, coming from Undergroundfilm.org: This post was great: "Things I have worried about" a short animated film by Lev, of ingredientx.com

Then, a newish aggregator/host/IPTV site: Veoh.com

Keep on vlogging!



Hey Clark,

I checked the Xenon feed in FireAnt and it works. I think the Internet Archive was having trouble a couple days ago, and that prevented FireAnt from downloading the videos hosted there.

it's pronounced ( zeen-on ) :) Thanks for featuring him. and i take credit for introducing him to vlogging and the vlogshere, therefore I am more connected to the sun and therefore more beautiful.
Thanks Josh for the update on fireAnt, I'll update the post to reflect that! And Des, thanks for the pronunciation correction!

Keep up the groovy work, and don't forget your SPF!

Holy shite, that's me, thanks for the plug sir.
Nice work!
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